DDC: Upgrading Best Practices to NAV2013

For those who don’t know already .. With DDC I mean “Dutch Dynamics Community“. Tonight, once again, I decided to defy the bad weather .. to go to the session that Per Mogensen was doing about “Upgrading Best Practices”. It’s always nice to gain insight on that .. because let’s be honest .. NAV2013 is …

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NAV2013: How to link a factbox in code

Before you think I give you the Oracle with this article … this is actually nothing but showing you a new feature in NAV2013. New? Not really .. but that’s how Microsoft tells it :-). It wasn’t there in NAV2009 RTC .. so it must be new, right? Well, not really .. because we already …

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Belgian VAT 2013 (probably) postponed to 2014!

I have a nice Holiday-present to share with you (at least for Belgians). The application of the changes that I talked about here, are postponed to the 1st of January 2014! It is however permitted to apply these new regulations already in 2013 … but you’re not obligated to do so.. (I can hardly imagine …

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Belgian VAT 2013: “Billing” and “Exigibility”

Oh yeah, here we go again. Belgium is one of the smallest countries worldwide .. while it is TOP 5 in paying taxes .. . It took about 600 days to form our new government .. but it only took that government less than half of that time to develop (again!) new VAT rules. On …

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NAV 2013: How to log in any database

When you’re a partner .. you deal with databases of your customers, right? At least – you should ;-). Usually, there is “some” security set up at the customers site. At least let’s hope so ;-). It might happen that you want to copy a customer’s database to your site, just to test, debug, do …

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Training material: What’s new in NAV2013

Today, Microsoft pointed my attention to some online training material for all partners getting ready for NAV2013. Just thought you’d be interested ;-): Technical Training Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Installation and Deployment New Features – SharePoint and Web Client https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_ActDetails.aspx?UserMode=0&ActivityId=820825 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Integration New Features – Email Logging and Outlook Synchronization https://training.partner.microsoft.com/learning/app/management/LMS_ActDetails.aspx?UserMode=0&ActivityId=823321 Microsoft …

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Directions US 2012: Final thoughts

Directions US lies behinds us all .. and yet again .. A GREAT convention with a lot of info, a lot of enthusiastic people, and a lot new information to come home with. Besides the fact that I’m jealous about all the people that bought a Microsoft Surface (I decided to wait for the “Pro” …

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Directions US 2012 Kicked off

Just a quick, small, blogpost… Directions US 2012 in Phoeninx kicked of yesterday .. and yet again, it’s a promising. 600 attendees are representing the NAV Partner Community here, and will attend the next 3 days in numerous interesting sessions. 3 busy days :-). I find it a good idea to start the convention during …

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Platform updates overview – 3.70.B – NAV2013 (Updated 2)

Finally found some time to refresh my list of Platform Updates (thanks to the heavy traffic of this evening in Belgium ;-)). 178 hotfixes later, I have to notice that there are not so many platform updates anymore. :-).

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Port Sharing with NAV2013

As you might know, installing NAV2009 isn’t painless. Or at least .. that’s my idea of it. The NAV-typical “beauty of simplicity” is hard to find… you have to do quite a lot to have it successfully installed: Use service accounts Set up delegation / registering SPN’s Handle the Query Notification …. What I always …

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