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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Ready for download (and how to do it)

Short post – just to tell you the great news: from today, we can download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017. If you have Windows 10 and/or Internet Explorer 11, just keep on reading below (because you’re in for a challenge…)


These versions are available:

  • AU-Austr​alia​
  • AT-Austr​ia
  • BE-Belgium
  • CA-Canada​
  • CZ-Czech Republic
  • DK-Denmark
  • FI-Finland
  • FR-France
  • DE-Germany
  • ​​IS-Iceland
  • IT-Italy
  • MX-Mexico
  • NL-Netherlands
  • ​NZ-New Zealand
  • NO-Norway
  • ES-Spain
  • SE-Sweden
  • CH-Switzerland
  • UK-​United Kingdom
  • US-United States​​
  • NA-​North America
  • RU-Russia
  • W1

Here are a few interesting links which might be interesting to you:

When you have difficulties downloading it, you are probably on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer 11, like I am. Let me share you how I was able to download ..

  • First, install the latest “File Transfer Manager” from Microsoft. Best is to uninstall and re-install. You can get it here.
  • Next, make sure you’re using Internet Explorer, not Edge! There is even an “Open with Internet Explorer” option in Edge:

  • Unblock popups .. you need popups!
  • Navigate to the download page.
  • Click your desired download
    • This is the part that you would expect that the File Transfer Manager would pop up, and that the download would start .. But doesn’t
  • Be brave, and go to the developer tools (you can just press F12)

  • Go to “Emulation” and change the document mode to “10”

    Magic happens – File transfer Manager wakes up and the download is ready to start!

You can also change the compatibility mode of “Microsoft.Com” by adding it in the “Compatibility View Settings” .. But I didn’t really want to do that for all microsoft.com sites.. .

Hope this helps!

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  1. Tobias Fenster

    Incredible. Moving to the cloud and conquering the world but unable to provide a simple download…

  2. ara3n

    It is sad that NAV cannot be downloaded with it’s own MS Tools.

  3. Thijs

    Thanks Waldo. Needed this.

  4. Ganti

    This is a perfect example where we are: Providing high complex new things but cannot deal with the simple ones 🙂
    Thanks waldo!

  5. Oscar

    Thanks a lot!

    I agree regarding the download. Incredible that they still have issues with this, why not just skip the transfer manager.

  6. Dave Machanick

    Same problem with Windows 8.1 and same fix makes it work. Do you anyone actually tests this?
    Thanks much for the info.

  7. Robert

    Download is still not working for me any ideas?

    1. waldo

      I don’t know.. this trick seems to work for quite a lot of people.. .

  8. Marcello

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  9. Giancarlo

    awesome, thanks…. that did it.

  10. Kevin Archer

    Simply set the download page to open in compatibly view and it works just fine without all these steps.

    1. Sebastian Sidor

      This helped me thanks!

  11. Anton Inckle

    Thanks Waldo, saved me a good few hours of confusion this morning.

  12. Chris Watson

    Download the latest version of FTM built in 2007!! Thanks for the emulation setting, it was doing my head in!

  13. Nathanael Altice

    The download is fixed now. Microsoft removed FTM from the process.

    1. waldo

      Thanks for mentioning!

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