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NAV 2013 R2 Released! (or at least downloadable)

A very short blogpost .. cause today, I have other things to do (which will become clear in the near future ;-)). Today, Per Mogensen put on facebook that he was downloading the RTM version of NAV 2013 R2 .. and also mentioned that BE was not among them .. to tease me(?). I read this 2 minutes after I woke up (ok ok, I shouldn’t be reading facebook just after waking up .. but he tagged me, so it was alerted to me .. and nevertheless .. yes, I DO read facebook the minute I wake up ;-). And it put me in a really bad mood .. .

Luckily… he was wrong! 🙂

Not about NAV 2013 R2 being released, because it IS :), and you can find the download page here. But about the Belgian version: it IS amongst the downloads! 🙂 Woop Woop 🙂

Here is the full list (Partnersource access required):

Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2
AU-Australia Download
AT-Austria Download
BE-Belgium Download
CA-Canada Download
DK-Denmark Download
FI-Finland Download
FR-France Download
DE-Germany Download
IS – Iceland Download
IN-India Download
IT-Italy Download
MX-Mexico Download
NL-Netherlands Download
NZ-New Zealand Download
NO-Norway Download
ES-Spain Download
SE-Sweden Download
CH-Switzerland Download
GB-Great Britain Download
US-United States Download
W1 Download


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  1. QQ

    trying to setup instance manually, but can’t connect to it..

    Message: Unable to load DLL ‘navlic.dll’: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)


  2. Julius

    Hi, do you know when PLLP toolkit will be available? I don’t see it in downloads.

  3. waldo

    What do you mean with the PLLP toolkit exactly?

  4. Mitja

    PLLP Partner Translation Kit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 2

  5. waldo

    Ah .. never heard of that .. oops ;-).

    Well .. I searched partnersource, and I can’t find anything about it :-/ sorry ..

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