PowerShell Script to Merge NAV Versionlist

I’ve been trying to get this out for a while now.. finally I was able to :-). If you have been to one of the Directions (US or EMEA) or the last session of the Dutch Dynamics Community, you might have visited one of the session about the great new addition in NAV2015 (in fact, …

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Directions EMEA 2014: Final Thoughts


Boy I’m busy :-/. Since the very minute I arrived back in Belgium from this convention, I have been working on going live with one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever done… . But that’s probably for another blogpost :-). Directions EMEA… It’s been a heavy convention for me. Not one minute of peace …

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NAV 2009 Mainstream Support Ends January 13, 2015

Like with all new releases, old released get discontinued. That’s how it goes with software. And for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it’s not different. Yesterday, NAV 2015 was released to customers .. and today I got the message when the latest supported version (which is currently NAV 2009) is going out of support. And you might …

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Directions US 2014 Final thoughts


It has been a week already since the latest Directions convention in the US has ended .. and only now I have the time to wrap it up.. . This was a CRAZY busy convention for me. Too bad, because it leaves less time to really enjoy the sessions .. . En there were enough …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Released to Partners


Small blogpost .. but big announcement! As from today (at least today I’ve got the message), NAV 2015 has become available for all Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners! You can download it at partnersource! And don’t just download it. Also look at the what’s new, the training material and the Help Documentation for NAV 2015. Enjoy! ps, …

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Directions US: NAV 2015 is coming October 1st!

I must be getting old. There were conventions I reported about every session .. during the session. But now I don’t seem to find any time to start reporting anything anymore :-/. We’re day two already at NAV Directions 2014 in San Diego .. so there has been already quite some content. NAV 2015 is …

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Elimination of certification/exam requirements

Another announcement. One that caused me to scratch my head for a while .. . The official statement: Effective August 13, 2014, Microsoft is announcing the elimination of certification/exam requirements for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Microsoft Dynamics C5. This includes pre-sales and sales assessments as well …

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Tax Updates Dependent on Cumulative Updates (CU) for NAV 2013 and higher

I’d like to raise some attention on this topic, as this is quite important for partners that are supporting customers. In the old days, we received fobs and txt files with objects that only contained the changes for the TAX update. On top of that .. different TAX updates within one NAV release, were based …

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is announced!


Finally it’s official .. And quite some information has been announced. And it’s not really surprising that it’s announced now, because last week, Microsoft World Partner Conference took place .. which is about the biggest partner-event from Microsoft. Things just need to be announced there, doesn’t it ;-)? NAV “Crete” is going to be called …

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NAV 2013 R2 Multi Tenancy: Force Full Sync on All Tenants

The last few months have been crazy. The main reason that my blogging is somewhat minimal is that I’m working on a project .. Quite an interesting one. It’s an on premise, yet multitenant implementation of 204 tenants and growing. Super interesting, because there is lots of communication between the tenants, and still, you get …

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